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This arrangement for intermediate orchestra is a great way to introduce this classic to a young ensemble. It was inspired by a quartet arrangement by Fiddlerman and this adaptation is perfect for a mixed school or amateur ensemble. The double bass can be swapped or doubled by electric bass and apart from the flute part, the wind parts are optional.

Rockin Beethoven's Fifth

milonga del '900


Milonga del 900 was composed in 1993 by Sebastián Piana in collaboration with lyricist Homero Manzi. The milonga is a music and dance form preceding the tango, and typically feature faster tempo and greater syncopation.  This arrangement is for a violin ensemble and piano accompaniment. The piano part is a crucial part of the arrangement and requires an experienced pianist. The violin parts are suitable for lower to intermediate players. Many professional ensembles play this arrangement at a very lively pace, but the arrangement does not lose any vitality at a moderate tempo. Suggested tempo for school orchestra is between 70 and 90 bpm.

Milonga de '900

虫儿飞 Fireflies

- Chinese Traditional Song 

Fireflies is a traditional Chinese children's song with a melancholic and emotive melody. This folksong lends itself well to an adaptation for the beginner violin player. This arrangement is in unison with an intermediate difficulty piano arrangement.  If the ensemble has a talented singer or singers, they can start the performance by singing the first half of the melody unaccompanied (this is best attempted by a student fluent or learning Mandarin, lyrics and pronunciation guide can be found here).

Forest Rhapsody


- 陶笛阿志 You Xue-Zhi arranged Madeleine du Toit 

Forest Rhapsody was made popular by the Taiwanese composer and ocarina player 陶笛阿志 You Xue-Zhi.  The melody is evocative of forest sounds and translates well on most instrumentation. This arrangement is for violin (lower-intermediate), piano and chinese drum. The chinese drum part can be substituted by any suitable bass drum and wooden block (for the side-strike).

Forest Rhapsody 森林狂想曲
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